Hi there!

I’ve set this up as an introductory resource for psychology students taking my Programming with R class at UNSW. There are two goals with this resource. The first is to provide an introduction to R programming that doesn’t assume any previous experience. The second is to provide a brief sketch of some of things that R can be useful for in psychology. Data analysis inevitably forms a large part of this, but I hope to cover a broader range of topics.

The content borrows from my introductory statistics lecture notes (Learning Statistics with R), but they’re not equivalent, and over time the two are likely to part ways. I wrote Learning Statistics with R to accompany an introductory statistics class and the intended audience for that book is a psychology student taking their first research methods class. This resource is a little different – it’s aimed at someone who has taken at least one research methods class and would like to learn how to use the R programming language in their own work.

It is of course a work in progress, but I hope it is useful! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you spot an error or find something confusing.

– Danielle

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2: Working with data

Everything from here onwards is very much a work in progress!

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3: Statistics

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4: More topics

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